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Beauty is kind of my everyday thing. It can be found all around us if we just take a second to realize and appreciate. Adventure also has been, and still is my everyday thing. My love for adventure is what spurred my love for beauty. I grew up in Colorado just outside of Denver. I grew up climbing mountains with my family. These outings certainly formed my love for adventure and the outdoors. I went to college in Durango CO to study sociology. My teachers were very inspiring and motivated me to look outside the box. Fighting for social justice seemed the only way solve all the inequalities and imbalances in the globalization of the planet. The destruction of the environment and natural places was devastating to fully understand. I think thats why finding a remote and unbelievable setting away from all the bullshit seemed so important to me. It became my meditation and escape. That moment when I am in the wilderness hiking, or snowboarding, or climbing or any activity: is bliss. The energy is all there and the divine is clearly out of my understanding as a human being. The night sky is proof that the universe is so much bigger than us.  Our egos try and tell us we are right or wrong.  We make all that up.  Our role as a species is to reproduce and survive.  Everything beyond that is a matter of opinion.

     As much as I appreciate beauty in the moment, all of life is temporal. I discovered taking a photo of a beautiful place or experience was a way to make a moment last longer. Or at least a reminder of the way I felt while I was there. Most of all I enjoy sharing the beauty I see with the people I love and reminding the rest of society just how amazing this world we live in really is. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day busy lifestyle of modern civilization, sometimes a photo is all you need to take a step back and remember how absolutely breathtaking the universe and planet earth truly are. Thanks for looking! Enjoy!

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